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OliverJohnstone posted..

It's an extremely complex argument and not one I usally like to put online or social media. However, in a nut shell:

For me the argument is a political moreso than an economic one. True the leave campaign have not produced a comprehensive plan of what Britain outside the EU would look like but then again they are not a homogeneous group and to be honest there would be too much under negotiation from an economic perspective to say at this stage we would definitely deliver X or Y. The argument of uncertainty is a nonsense too - yes we cannot say what definitely will or will not happen but the same argument was used against colonial independence and Eastern European countries leaving the Soviet Union/Eastern Block.

The most compelling issue is - do we subscribe to the EU programme for the next 20 years? The EU as a concept is fluid, not static. It has evolved from a common market into a political and economic union. There is a clear agenda from Brussels and Berlin of ever-closer union. On the table is now an EU Army, EU intelligence services etc. We have a shared foreign policy, a shared leader in the President of the European Union. A flag, an anthem.

You cannot kick anyone out that makes these decisions in Brussels because the elections to the European Parliament are quite frankly farcical. You vote for the party you want, that then sit in larger party groups that decide their own destiny. It is a governance structure that is distant from the people that it represents.

People who want to remain are presumably happy with the above state of affairs. The argument that you can reform anything we do not like is ridiculous - look at what the PM came back with from his negotiations. I was sceptical of his chances of success but even I was surprised at what little Brussels had conceded.

It is in this context that you have to say - do you want to stay or leave? Maybe knowing for definite the economic arrangements for the next 2 years is worth subscribing to the economic and political future inside the EU for the next 20.

I do not.