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Serenity posted..

We all by now know that David Cameron wants to stay within the EU, but this referendum is not meant to be about us voting politically.

We all know that in each party the views are split. Take our own local Conservative MP whose view is that it is now time to leave the EU.

But that’s only Williams view as an individual and even though his party leader holds a completely different view to him, William as an individual is still able to freely express his viewpoint because this is not about himy voting Politically.

So why then has David Cameron took a one off informational leaflet that was funded by the taxpayer, that should have been all about giving unbiased different viewpoints outlining reasons to stay or leave the EU and turned it into a soapbox for what is merely David Camerons viewpoint on the EU.

Instead of clear unbaised information what we unfortunately got was David Camerons one sided argument as to why to stay in the EU, compounded by again by an unbiased viewpoint of President Obama. Who merely stated stay in or else...you'll be at the back of the que. Very supportive and unbiased. ..not.

Whilst David Cameron has a right to his viewpoint as an individual, he however as a leader of the country should have taken this leaflet as an opportunity to give the public ALL of the facts and not just the facts as he wants the public to know them. That way the public could taken the information and then decided democractically on whether to stay or leave the EU.

This type of blinkered one sided viewpoint in my eyes is not leading democratically and does nothing to help the country decide.

I myself are leaning towards sharing Williams viewpoint on the EU and as such feel that the time is now right to leave, especially after seeing how this blinkered stay in europe or else one sided lobbying campaign is being run..

What’s your views Oliver. Do you agree with William?

Quote from William “ To be clear, personally I shall be voting to Leave the EU in the Referendum in June.
The Prime Minister recently presented his draft renegotiation deal on the UK’s relationship with the EU. This effectively triggered the start of the EU In/Out referendum, which will likely be later this summer.

The deal was supposed to contain measures limiting the EU’s encroachment over UK law and allow us to impose limits on EU migrants claiming benefits. However I believe that the draft deal on offer falls far short of what many will have imagined when we spoke of “fundamental renegotiation of our relationship with Europe”.

This is fundamentally about “who governs Britain?”. A question about which people in the UK are significantly out-of-step with what bureaucrats in the EU, see as the direction of Europe. That is why I believe personally it is time to withdraw from the EU, and I shall be voting to Leave in the forthcoming referendum.

That is not to say that I am anti-European. I love and respect the diversity of cultures, people, languages, goods and produce, cuisines, and histories that make up Europe. Indeed this is what gives the continent strength. However, I do object the incessant efforts by the European Commission, to trample over these diversities in order to smooth the way for ‘ever closer’ political union. I feel it disrespects our differences, our diversity and our freedoms. It saddles us with huge swathes of law and regulations that suit our continental neighbours more than ourselves, but which the UK has to fall into line with the EU on these matters and many more.

I look forward to speaking to many of you over the coming months of the referendum campaign, and whilst I do not expect all to agree with my individual point of view, I hope that many will take this opportunity not just vote out of gut instinct or fear, but rather to examine the case closely, to express their view and their vote on what they believe is right for Britain.”