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OliverJohnstone posted..

I believe Peel Holdings may have sold the Trafford Centre to Intu.

Re Blackcat's question to me, I cannot tell you why we have the highest council tax rates in Greater Manchester but my position has been quite clear on this given that I have campaigned consistently against increases in Council tax.

The administration that has run the Council for over a decade now will tell you that they need to have a higher Council Tax than others in Greater Manchester as they get a lower subsidy from the Government. However, the subsidy from the Government is lower because Stockport has a higher nominal Council tax base - i.e. it gets more out of it's residents proportionally via Council Tax collection than other areas. However, this does not actually explain why the Council tax itself needs to be higher, especially as the subsidies to local government have been reduced yet Council tax collection rates have stayed pretty constant.

However, it is important to note that Stockport along with many Councils in the UK has received a Council Tax Freeze Grant from the Government in almost every year between 2010-2015, allowing them to freeze Council Tax in almost every one of those years. In 2013, they did not do so.

So what conclusions can you draw from this? Firstly, if Council tax was frozen in 3 of the 4 financial years of the Coalition government and Stockport has had a higher Council tax than the rest of Greater Manchester in every year f that period, we can assume that the gap between the other Councils in GM and Stockport must have been established before the Coalition government came to power. Secondly, if that is true, that means that the argument that the high Council tax in Stockport is due to Central Government austerity, is simply not suubstantiated. Before austerity had been adopted by Westminster in 2010, Stockport Council had been increasing the financial burden on its residents.