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Serenity posted..

Well Jenny what can I say apart from there's always seems to be a tone to your replies that makes me feel like I've just had my knuckles well and truly rapped by my teacher. You somehow have a knack of making me feel rather thick for not being able to see the bigger picture. Sorry I asked now and that I was so stupid to have not been able to see for myself how all these investments will improve access to Stockport.

However just because I don't always see things the way you do Jenny doesn't exactly mean I'm trying to be negative. More often than not I'm just looking for clarity on the subject and how these plans will pan out in the future.

And I don't feel that to ask a question about how a development will work is at all negative. Questioning nothing just because it appears to work on paper is more negative in my eyes.

As for some of my so called past negative views, well if you mean my negative views on the.... new petrol station development opening onto an already congested main road, and a local supermarket being built with an entrance leading onto an already congested main road, aand a lack of adequate local parking, forcing residents to have to pay to park, whilst new car parks open and run on near empty, and passing plans to build local housing developements without considering improving the already failing infustructure, and oh yes your "pedestrian and cycle improvements (many of which have already been implemented)". Well if narrowing Newbridge Lane (which is extremely busy road again at peak time)to widen the pavement size to incorporate a bicycle lane, that no one will probably use .... then yes my views are always going to be the same (and in your eyes) negative.

But like I said Jenny it all depends on your perspective and whilst all of the above have a positive benifits (say the bike lane for the cyclists,but not for the motorists) their consequences *can*have a very negative affect for others 9So whilst you probably see yourself as someone who is positive, forgive for thinking that your comments seem to be be somewhat blinkered.