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Jenny posted..

[QUOTE=Serenity]I'm just not sure Jenny how widening St Marys Way will help the traffic trying to get onto Hall Street,if Hall street just remains the same.[/QUOTE]

Are you suggesting that we should never make improvements because other places haven't yet had improvements? This isn't just about Hall Street (even though my most common route through the area is from St Mary's Way onto Hall Street), a not insignificant amount of traffic continues straight ahead, and a surprising number turns right. If they don't have to join the queue to get on Hall Street, then it's an improvement for them.

[QUOTE=Serenity]And whilst widening the road might improve the traffic flow along St Marys way I'm not so sure how the extra traffic it will impact positivity on the traffic waiting(at peak times) to get onto the badly thought out Portwood roundabout.

I personally just see it as a relatively short stretch of road being widened (at great expense)whilst the roads it leads onto can't cope(at peak times) as it.[/QUOTE]

You seem to think that Portwood Roundabout can't cope? I assure you that it can, and it works perfectly and is one of the best examples of a signalised roundabout out there. It's well marked, well signed, it has adequate peak throughput and except for the rare occasion when all hell has broken loose (motorway closure etc) then there are no significant delays at any time of day. The only issue is lack of a direct connection onto the anticlockwise M60, however the geography prohibits this and it's not the biggest problem in the world with the next junction such a short distance away.

[QUOTE=Serenity]But Im not a planner and I'd like to think that a 73 million pound investment will bring huge improvements to the town of Stockport. We'll just have to wait and see Jenny.I hope that you are right.[/QUOTE]

It's all about access for all, the package includes other road improvements (A new link road from Travis Brow to Wellington Road North, for example), as well as pedestrian and cycle improvements (many of which have already been implemented).

From a movement of people perspective, this 73 million pound investment *will* bring huge improvements. Forgive me for taking your comments with a pinch of salt Serenity, but you always seem to have a negative view on anything that could possibly be of benefit to other people.