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stukaville posted..

This was posted onto David Cameron's wall this afternoon...

The People against the U.K. Goverment.
On behalf of Hundreds of Thousands of people who have been brutally attacked and in many cases murdered by David Cameron ,George Osborne and Iain Duncan Smith as a result of their Welfare reforms , The spare room subsidy and other attacks...We now declare War.
We've took for many years an increasing series of brutal ,callous hits all done in the name of "helping " the people into work, off benefits, etc,etc,etc.
You all piled into us ,EVERY ...SINGLE ...:LAST ...ONE OF YOU !
How dare you now one by one try to pretend you had nothing to do it.!
How dare you disrespect the memory of the ones who died by claiming it was the right thing to do just so you could wage a class war fought against the weakest in society. How bloody strong and proud you must feel for doing so.
You have driven many into deliberate despair, depression, debts, evictions, death and suicide.
You did this thinking that we were too weak to fight back , too stupid, too unsupported by the public that you fed lies and spin and dispicable blackening the character of a large percentage of the U.K. population just to carry out your own personal little grudges and attacks because in your eyes ,we're lower than you.
However you failed to take into account that like any bully, you can only push so far before someone pushes back !
The evidence is slowly building a huge case that you have indeed used us for target practice in a wholly unjustified way.
It's been there for some time , we've always been aware of it. There's no other reason as to why so many cuts ,one after another all hitting the weakest in society could exist, if not to wipe them out.
Nick Clegg spoke in an interview just a couple of short weeks ago and said how YOU did not want to build more social housing as "it would produce more Labour voters "
Iain Duncan Smith this morning says "
“it looks like we see benefits as a pot of money to cut because they don't vote for us”.
So we now reach this moment where we are now making plans for many Hundreds of Thousands of people over the coming months will make the decision to hit back.
And by God will they hit back.
I'll be informing the Police this week that in months time when the battle starts we do not have an axe to grind with the Police. They are not the enemy. All action will be lawful but I'm afraid highly Aggressive and unstoppable.
Fair warning to all concerned.
Do whatever you want from this point in time.
We simply do not care for consequences.
We do not care because we know we will ALL be vindicated and you will be left bowing before us for forgiveness.
We're not afraid of you and we will NOT stop until every last one of you has been taken to task for your merciless attack on us and our families.
We will show you the same in return.
Do whatever you have to do to remain tied to your twisted belief that what you are doing is right and we will do whatever we have to do to prove that you are wrong.
A War is started by an aggressor and is met by a defender.
You are a Clear And Present Danger to many in the U.K. whose lives you seek to destroy and you will be shown that it will not stand.
You will halt ALL your cruel attacks on us.
You will abolish The Bedroom Tax.
You will issue reports and figures that you currently wish to remain buried along with the bodies into how many people have died as a result of the welfare cuts , however many reports are needed to cover each individual cut and it's impact.
You will comply with all we seek and then you will find us in a more willing place to begin to sit down and rethink our current stance towards you.
Until then ...
We will see you on the Streets, in front of all T.V camera's Nationwide , in and outside the surgerys of your M.P.s , inside every DWP centre from London to Glasgow, Town and City Centre's , plastered all over the Newspapers, inside the Question Time audience. You simply will not have a moments rest until we achieve our demands.
It's time to make your choice because we've already made ours.

The people