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OliverJohnstone posted..

As some of you may be aware Council Tax in Stockport is set to rise by 3.75% in Stockport. This comprises of 2% social care precept (money raised specifically & only for funding social care pressures) and 1.75% increase set by the Council.

You may or may not be aware that the Conservatives on the Council proposed an amendment to the budget which would have limited the increase to 2% (the social care precept). I just wanted to give all of you the core facts as I have already seen some of lies and misinformation being posted online and will, inevitably be landing on your doormat soon.

We accepted that the social care precept should be implemented as we are all aware of the pressures being exerted on this area of public services. However, we proposed that the Council should avoid the 1.75% extra Council tax increase by using the £4m unspent contingency money from the 2015/16 financial year. This money does not impact revenue, capital or reserve budgets and does not require any cuts to funding or services of any kind.

Regrettably, this was voted down by Labour & the Liberal Democrats - you can view the Council meeting from last Thursday via the webcast but the standard of debate was pretty shocking (as I stood up and pointed out to my fellow Councillors).

Just to clarify, I am not asking you to agree with me but I wanted to ensure you all had the facts as they are, not some twisted, politically convenient fiction.

If anyone wants the official figures, I can provide them!