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Artie_Fufkin posted..

There is no 'old closed shop' supplying the NHS with services. The NHS IS the service provider. Sure the NHS has a budget to spend but its used to buy drugs and equipment.

I took my father to a hospital appointment at Stepping Hill last week. He needed further eye tests which Stepping Hill used to carryout, but now the tests have been outsourced to a Company called Optegra. The Companies are profit driven entities who aim to provide good dividends for their investors. You don't save the tax payer money by using NHS money to buy in services the NHS can provide for itself. The NHS is not there to make a profit, Optegra and other companies like it, are. Buying in services is double speak for privatisation via the back door.[/QUOTE]

Does it matter. Let's assume it works out cheaper, otherwise the NHS would not choose it over an in-house solution. Your father was happy with the job done?

My business supplies the NHS with clean room audio. We compete with a few other businesses and we also supply Germany, France, Russia and others. The NHS can make the stuff themselves but to be honest, why bother, it will not be as good as ours and cost more. Why should this not apply to medical services?

The thing is, when it's our own money, we behave differently. When my wife's friend wanted to fix her wonky teeth and the work wasn't available on the NHS, she didn't book her NHS doctor to do the private work, she was off to Budepest where they are better at cosmetic dentistry than here and 1/4 of the price. The NHS has to operate in a similar way, get the best deal for us the tax-payer