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TwistedBanana posted..

I feel a bit guilty leaving Mozza to fight the left wing corner alone but unfortunately I am pretty tied up at work at the moment, with limited access to my personal accounts etc.

However, he seems to be putting up a pretty good effort.

Just waiting for the current chancellor who is without doubt a brilliant politician, the way he has managed to cover his total ineptitude by manipulation of the right wing press, try to explain the current mire, the increasing debt, the fact the wages have stagnated for the longest outside of war period since Victoria was on the thrown, how growth is now diminishing and we are around two months away from another recession, a word that is synonymous with Tory governments who have presided over 78% of the last centuries recession years. We are living in world that is constantly proving neo-liberal policies do not work, yet manipulation by the few sat on propaganda perches in our press and media convince people (one on this thread in particular) that all is well with the world.

Lets not forget he is walking a political tightrope as his policies of making it an offence to nit hit certain fiscal targets (a policy that was designed to shut Labour up once and for all) is now coming home to roost as all his promises lay in the gutter. He has a get out, all his targets were based on certain market conditions and if anything unusual happened, like a collapse in oil prices or a collapse in the Chinese market, then he couldn't be to blame.

Oh how I bet Labour wished they had such get out excuses when the American sub-prime and banking crash hit the worlds markets. I bet Labour wish they could use the excuse of having to throw billions at RBS to stave off a disaster (much of which has been returned into Tory coffers as RBS ownership shifts back)instead of having that thrown in their face.

Lets not forget that Mr Osbourne supported much of the Labour fiscal policy up until 2008, then he hid in the shadows and went very quiet

This countries education system is going tits up, why would anyone be a teacher (not just blaming the tories for this, also blame the "New" Labour years), NHS now has the reapers scythe hanging over its neck, I could go one but time has caught up with me