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Mozza posted..

[QUOTE=Artie_Fufkin][QUOTE=Mozza]I think the pugnaciousness shows in your personal jibes. That aggression is, as you're proving in your increasingly thoughtless and brash comments, quite the trait of the right.

You're using the 1 trick Cameron did at this last election, and boy are you holding onto it, brandishing the "there's no money left" piece of paper. The thing is, most of the analysts now say that that was a worldwide trend, and little to do with spending policy.
But you've got to be really careful here.. the economy could be about to crash, with the banks doing the same old trick..and after 5/6 years of a Conservative government, we're going to know who can't be trusted with the economy right? Or will that be spun out of all recognition too?[/QUOTE]

Something about throwing stones? Whatever, we'll leave my pugnaciousness in your imagination.

I'm not so sure I used a trick, I thought I did a decent job of explaining how responsible people address a long-term financial commitment.

As for the economy, my view is that all governments of all colours (even the Lib dems) would have been caught out by the credit crunch but only Labour would have left themselves so insipid in their ability to react as they did. The massive problem was that TSPm had not really understood Keynesian economics in that he is supposed to have built up reserves in those good times so instead of turning the economic taps on in 2008, TSpm found that taps were already on full and they had been left on by some OEST for the last decade.

Oh,BTW, I'm not a Tory, just can't stand whiny left wingers.[/QUOTE]

You're a Tory. You support what they do, and speak for their actions. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's probably a right wing Tory duck.

The whiny left wingers thing is the Tory adult version of the playground wandering away shouting "I'm not listening, I'm not listening"