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Mozza posted..

[QUOTE=Artie_Fufkin][QUOTE=Mozza]The first paragraph makes no sense and sounds like Tory bluster and mumblings, the middle one is stupid because he's got a guaranteed 4/5 years in his job (which more than us lot can guarantee) and the last is presumptuous in the extreme, and pretty ironic as the Conservatives promote financial inprudity.


Perhaps I'll explain, the raison d'etre of the Labour party is to create a reliance on the state and in so doing, creates a fear that any other government will cut off this life-line and ensure a labour vote. This can happen through benefits or public sector employment and this is borne out by the way people in the public sector vote.

He may be guaranteed a job for 4 years but he's not exactly been able to save at a £70k p.a rate for long and although you are right, 4 years guaranteed employment is something we can't enjoy, it's safe to say that our skills are transferable at a similar wage that we currently enjoy, an MP does not really have any transferable skills in the real productive economy, yes, he could get a job in a local council but I'd hope they don;t pay anything like £70k.

The fact Labour are not trusted with the economy is pretty much why they were not elected, you do realise that don't you?

You appear to be very bellicose in your posts, this is a bit of a trait within the left, is it a lack of understanding of the subject?[/QUOTE]

I think the pugnaciousness shows in your personal jibes. That aggression is, as you're proving in your increasingly thoughtless and brash comments, quite the trait of the right.

You're using the 1 trick Cameron did at this last election, and boy are you holding onto it, brandishing the "there's no money left" piece of paper. The thing is, most of the analysts now say that that was a worldwide trend, and little to do with spending policy.
But you've got to be really careful here.. the economy could be about to crash, with the banks doing the same old trick..and after 5/6 years of a Conservative government, we're going to know who can't be trusted with the economy right? Or will that be spun out of all recognition too?