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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=OliverJohnstone]If they consulted on one scheme covering Stanley and Gordon along with Neville and we Stanley and Gordon both rejected the proposal, it would mean we could not proceed with Neville Street. The scheme would be viewed as one.

As I said, if there is anyone who is interested in starting a petition, I am happy to assist. There is a mandatory requirement for this before anything can be initiated.[/QUOTE]

Lets see how it goes Oliver. But unfortunately I still feel that it's just pushing the problem around. Until all of the area falls within a restricted parking zone the problem will only continue. But I can appreciate that not all residents might not want or feel that they need such a scheme.

However on the road were I live the council did leave some available spaces (not within the scheme) on request supposedly from the residents as extra available spaces for those residents who didn't really want to pay for the privilege to be able to park on the road where they live. But by 8am until about 5pm all these so-called available places have been taken up by hospital staff. It's exactly the same problem at the Green Lane recreational car park - no place to park by 8am until 5. You'll even find staff getting their even earlier and sitting eating their breakfast (hence the litter trail) just so that they'd be sure to get a free parking space. Oliver it's meant to be a recreational ground not an overflow car park.

I do however take your point about if that car park had a barrier that the problem would move back to the nearby streets. But isn't that the problem in general a lack of parking spaces for staff and visitors forcing them to look for alternatives.

Over the years our area has become just one big overflow car park for hospital staff and visitors. A problem that has increased significantly with the growth of the hospital. It's not a problem that the residents have brought about but one that we now have to pay to rectify.

So forgive me for not exactly having much faith in the councils protocol Oliver or it's fairness.