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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=OliverJohnstone]To anyone who lives on Neville Street, you should be due to receive a questionnaire from the Council this week regarding the provision of a permit parking scheme.

Please do ensure you respond and if you have any issues, please do contact me on Cllr.oliver.johnstone@stockport.gov.uk.[/QUOTE]

Oliver might I ask will Stanley Ave be sent the questionnaire as well? As you can appreciate Oliver any street in this particular area has the same parking concerns that Neville Road has. Perhaps these side streets more so as they are right next door to ASDA and have no driveways for off road parking. So what do they do if other streets (such as Neville Road) get parking for residents only and they don't. Where can they then park?

Several years ago the whole area (including Stanley Ave, Gordan Ave, Brook Ave and Mount Pleasant) did get a questionnaire sent to them from council regarding the parking issues in the area. As at the time the council were looking to introduce a parking for residents only zone. This was a great idea and one which would have completely stopped the problem altogether. But unfortunately this idea got squashed by the council due to not enough residents in the side streets being in favour of the scheme. So what we eventually ended up with was a partial scheme, which helps with the parking issues but unfortunately doesn't do nothing to stop the motorists from constantly circling the area looking for those available parking spaces that were not included in the scheme. And as you can imagine since that first questionnaire the parking problems in the area has gotten so much worse and the traffic flow has increased dramatically.

So perhaps Oliver might I suggest that it might be only fair if the council was to include these side streets in their initial consultation plans this time around. And perhaps to re-consider a parking for residents only zone and not just a partial scheme that only goes half way to resolving the problem.

Thanks for your help though Oliver it's very much appreciated.