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slight-return posted..

So quick update as it's all gone a bit off topic with the above comments. And for the poster who I believe implies these are "council estate kids" or "Stockport homes kids" which I think is a sweeping generalisation, some possibly are but others are not and some even get rides from the parents in new BMW's to drop them off and have a spliff by the hut and collect them later.

We finally saw the police arrive (although they missed the people) on Friday to deal with the youths with a switchblade (flick knife) and BB Gun that was being fired at homes, passing cars and people and the knife being thrown into the wooden hut. As mentioned the police drove past (didn't bother to get out), scared them off, (after the teens had left) 1 police officer left his car (everyone had gone) police left, 10 mins later youths back, but police did not return for another sweep.

1 TOTS swing now missing from the play area (probably ripped down) but perhaps the council removed it (who knows!)Which now leaves 1 tots swing and two kids swings. Lots of broken glass in the playground and car park, lots of rubbish and remnants of drug use (bags, filters, tobacco and N20 (LAUGHING GAS)) canisters.

Last week I witnessed an approx 17 year old, at about 1pm walk full length of the field to the kids play area, sit on the bench and confidently roll and smoke a joint while parents were playing with their kids, sat there for 10 mins and then proceeded to walk the full length of the field back to where he came from.

The 15-16 year olds (let's call them the should no better, but scared of their own shadow group), have now been replaced by an older, tougher group on bikes, who carry knives/switchblades and bring a pitbull with them and chase other youths out of the park and down the road towards the hospital.

Oliver I appreciate you are still dealing with all these other serious issues you previously mentioned some weeks ago, but again, what is the long term plan here? The police drive by seemed to work, but it can't just be 30 secs once a week.