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Jenny posted..

[QUOTE=Serenity]Land bought and developed on the back of a promise to significantly reduce traffic along the A6.

And as such I'd like to see if nearly a year later this company is delivering it's promise to reduce our roads by 6,000 cars a month ...don't make me laugh..[/QUOTE]
They've done their bit, now it's down to people just like you to use it.

What do you expect Stagecoach to do, stop every car driving down the A6 and demand that they all stop and get on the bus instead?

Stagecoach have given the service, they feel it has value. If the council are serious about tackling problems, they'd be doing their bit to highlight this service, but our councillors are too interested in fighting with each other and trying to make each other look bad, rather than serving the people who they were elected to serve.

[QUOTE=Serenity]And yes Jenny whilst the bus company might own the land some of the buses have been partly funded by tax payers money.

From what I can see from passing by the car park nearly everyday this scheme is not working and will NEVER work.

"The £12m fleet of hybrid electric vehicles - part funded by the DfT in 2013 - which will serve the Hazel Grove Park & Ride, will enable our customers to benefit from the latest green technology the industry has to offer while they travel to and from one of the most exciting cities in the UK.

The buses were part funded by the DfT (note, not the council and nothing to do with the council) as part of an initiative to encourage bus operators to use greener and more efficient buses rather than the standard diesel buses you commonly see. Stagecoach applied for a grant towards the cost and were successful, the park and ride was not part of that, however it's been implemented by Stagecoach, off their own back, as a bonus.

Would you prefer the derelict wasteland that was there previously? From every post that you've made on the subject recently, I get the impression that you'd prefer to have the wasteland back.

Please, post with facts, not hearsay.