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Serenity posted..

I don’t understand slight-return if you've kept an ASBO diary and reported the incidents to the police why have the police not been able to do anything.

At least the barrier has stopped the revving cars/taxies from using the car park as a social gathering at night.

Unfortunately as for the rest of the ASB, it's an extremely difficult,frustrating and very slow process to try to get things done(believe me I know). Especially when you feel that you’re not really being kept in the loop of what's going on.

That’s where the meetings at the civic hall used to be good, as they kept everyone in the picture with regular discussions and updates. And without any one person getting that feeling of ....oh dear it’s me again complaining to my local councillor about xyz. Any sign of getting those meetings back Oliver?

I do however think slight-return that Oliver works extremely hard to try to get things done and to keep us informed by regular updates on here. And he’s always prompt with his replies, unlike some of our past councillors.

We might not always agree with the outcome but as you can appreciate it can’t be easy pleasing everyone all the time. I think that’s why he too seems to get a little frustrated when he seems to feel that he's been accused of doing nothing.

But the main thing is that we all have same positive objectives, be they slow to get realised, which can be frustrating for everyone😊.

About the brighter security lights. Can I ask what you feel that the longer implications of installing brighter lights might be? Would it be an idea to perhaps use them for a short time just to deter these kids from using the car park.

And yes I too hate the thought that these kids feel that they need to turn to drugs, but it is their own personal choice to start taking drugs. And I agree that the sad thing is that no one seems to care where these kids are, or what they are doing.

Stockport homes seems to tackle the problem by approaching the parents to try to re-engage them in bringing up their kids. Very sad thought all round..that parents have somehow stopped engaging with their kids..

I came from a badly thought of council estate (where you could get drugs quite Easily, if you wanted them). I was brought up by my Mum, as my dad died from being an alcoholic. I never really went to pubs or youth clubs as I didn’t much care for them. But I knew that my Mum was always there should I need someone to talk to about anything. She was always there wanted to know where I was going and what time I’d be back. I was brought up always knowing that there was Someone who Always cared for me. And now I do the same things for my kids.

I agree totally with you slight-return that more should be done for our younger generation and I feel that if there were more schemes run, not necessarily more clubs, but more social activities designed to engaage younger people to want to get involved with, that the hope would then be that some of these kids might find a mum figure like mine, or a role model or just someone who cares enough to listen to them and to help build their self esteem before they fall into the futile dark and dismal world of drugs.