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slight-return posted..

Hi Serenity

Yes, there are at least 2 active residents who contact the police, there was also an ASBO diary that was created and shared with Oliver and the council, we even have an elderly lady who has direct confrontation with the kids who stop her from getting to sleep. She is braver than I am by directly telling them to shut up.

Whilst not knowing the wider and long-term implications, I think bright lights would work but the impact is not known. A quick fix which I also shared with Oliver, which doesn't take much effort or planning - regular police or PCSO patrol until the issue goes away and to remove paving slabs on 3 sides of the hut as they serve no purpose (but act as a dry place to sit for teens), failing that replace them with the concrete pyramids the council use to stop homeless people sleeping. The hut itself will remain the main issue, when it's gone they have nowhere to hide and shelter, but I am not pushing for that as it restricts the football purpose. The strangest thing for me, is when I was their age and doing similar things, my friends and I used to go as far away from view of public as possible. I didn't grow up in Hazel Grove but immediately saw Merles as the place I would have gone as a teen. We also used to go to pubs and snooker halls.

Which brings me on to the next point in a longer term solution, Hazel Grove and surrounding areas offer very little for teens to do. They have no youth club or centre to go and hang out or to talk to some adult about issues and get free condoms. They have a skatepark in one park only. The park and ride could be doubled as a drive in/walk in cinema, arcade, fun fair, skate park, remote control car track or any other purpose where a big lump of tarmac is useful roller disco even, the civic hall or any of the church halls could be a youth club that is low cost/affordable to all. These are all business type idea's but one's that a council is capable of running. However you can take the horse to water, but can't make him drink. So maybe these have all been tried and tested by the council in the past, but I see no innovation to support the future generations, just parents who let them run free and the kids just skulk in dark places.