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Serenity posted..

It’s all getting a bit personal slight-return and Oliver.

I know you’re feeling frustrated and angry slight-return but Oliver’s not the enemy here. Give him a chance. I didn’t see anyone else doing much to help before.

The barrier might not have been our idea and whilst it might not be perfect it nonetheless helps to go some way in tackling the various ongoing ASB and parking issues in our area.

Have you (and your neighbours)reported all you’ve seen to the police slight-return. I know that you might have done but have your neighbours done it as well. There’s so much more strength in numbers when trying to tackle ASB. The more we can get involved the better.

ASB is so difficult to remedy especially when it’s near/on a recreational ground. And then there’s that bl**** hut that shields those kids to do drugs and get drunk. One that we’re told has to stay for the footballers.

What would you suggest slight-return as a practical way of dealing with the problem. You’ve had some really good ideas so far,what would you suggest next that might help the council tackle the problem. The bright lights that ASDA use seem to go a long way in deterring ASB but could you live with such lights. Dont think I could.

Oliver you can appreciate why slight-return feels so frustrated and angry and let down by the authorities. This is yet another ongoing problem that has been ignored for many years. Before you no one has even attempted to resolve the problem.

Just another concern that the authorities have allowed to grow by simply ignoring it. To a point where now it has established a real firm negative foothold in the community. One that unfortunately is going to be very difficult to break unless we all work together to try to tackle it.

I’d personally like to see the civic hall being used as a meeting place again, for local residents to meet with our councillors and discuss our concerns like we used to do. The councillors 1-1 meetings at the library are excellent, but they don’t really give resident’s the opportunity to interact with each other and to form and build community relationships to try to tackle these ongoing problems.

That’s the only way forward authorities and residents working together side by side, and for that we need to meet and discuss the problems together😊.

As for the complaints you've recieved about the lack of parking spaces Oliver, presumably from hospital staff, well I suppose the answer is ...that our small area has gone through Stockport councils legal process and as such are legally now entitled to introduce a parking for residents only scheme under the councils legal policy to help rectify the problem created by a lack of parking facilities at the hospital. It has taken many, many years. So sorry that you are getting the earache. But if these complainers can't find a place to park that's not our fault.