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slight-return posted..

Oliver don't be a martyr
"You have a barrier now " I think you mean, "we as a community have a barrier" sanctioned by those we elect to serve us, decided the business case was there to do so
"I am now standing up for you and your neighbours in the face of complaints I am getting about the lack of available car parking space." Well please read back on this thread when I asked what the plan was beyond this, surely you can anticipate this issue, close a car park, make residents only parking in the area, where did you think the cars would go!!! The fact they complain to you, means what, you ask Stepping Hill to build a new car park? Encourage the staff to use the park and ride or car pool? That residential roads that are older than the hospital are not there for the people who choose not to pay at the hospital car park, but I as a resident am charged £30 per year to park outside my home but don't complain because it means I can!

I understand about the flooding, but the police are not donning wellies and sou'wester to help out, they should be moving on the ASB and also schools and parents have a more important role to play.

"Furthermore, Stepping Hill Hospital have decided to hike parking charges again and are encouraging staff and patients to park on nearby streets which of course, is causing an understandably negative response from local residents." Then this is not a council issue but a PCT one and in the same way they probably encouraged them to park in the "football car park" I did suggest pay and display (which would pay for cctv and parking patrol), but you campaigned for a barrier in light of the ASB. I understand it's horrible to have to pay to park at work, imagine paying £10 per day or more to park in a city or getting a train, horrible isn't it! Perhaps they could speak to the people who run the car park and offer free parking or reduced for the staff. All I hear is that there is now what could easily have been anticipated and not planned out, but that as it now affects other roads an immediate solution must be found as people are NIMBY's. What about Merles there is a huge plot of land next to the hospital, build a car park there.

"On top of that we have had a bus service removed, trying to ensure we get some of our roads repaired and planning our roll out of the SEMMMS mitigation measures." Thank you your efforts are welcomed

"I do continue to liaise with our neighbourhood policing team about this and other issues in Hazel Grove. It is not a matter of deafening silence and I resent the suggestion that I am somehow being remiss in my duty of care here." Please See my other post