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slight-return posted..

[QUOTE=OliverJohnstone]I'm sorry Slight Return but I think your being somewhat unfair here.
Not really, I asked a question, you did not address it, I made a statement, you didn't like it, you still in fairness have not answered the question about the long term plan or the fact you are touted as delivering success in a flyer about it

The Green Lane barrier has been agreed but as part of that agreement, we will not be installing it until permit parking schemes are in operation on surrounding roads. This was widely accepted on this forum by possibly yourself as a sensible decision.
Agreed, I see this is still not accepted and is in planning consent as the notices are on the lamp posts. Does raise a point though as to the the part of Green Lane that is not covered by residents parking scheme (in front of the car park) that means the hospital staff/visitors and nursery staff will fight it out over 10 spaces and probably block the access for the tractors and ambulances to the field as well as the entrance to the car park which will of course have a barrier. Was this thought about in the many months of planning? Other than that, I see objections can still be raised until early June, meaning the barrier isn't likely until late summer?

Any issues of criminality or anti-social behaviour should be reported to the police, whom are keenly aware of the issues this area has been having.
Great, please share the number of the people you interact with for these issues

I cannot control the actions of those who seek to commit anti-social behaviour,what I can do is take actions within my power to make it less possible for them to do so or catch them in the process of doing it. This is exactly what I have done both here and at Torkington Park.
Please explain more, so far barrier is the extent of your impact and the hut in TP was set a blaze, so what are the measures that have been introduced on Green Lane and TP?