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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=slight-return]Hi Oliver,

Directing this directly to you, as I received a Conservative flyer stating you and someone else are working closely with residents on anti-social behavior on this road and others. Whilst I see your comments on here, I see no action, so feel the flyer is misleading.

There has been an increased and now persistence level of ASB in the car park but specifically the hut. Car's skidding until all hours, older teens and 20+ year old's most nights from 7pm - late with music, drugs, beer. Graffiti on the hut, kicking it and pulling off the guttering, littering and urinating against it (like the Lynx taxi drivers). I have seen one PCSO take some beer off them in 6 months!!!!, but not move them on. The fact that the hut is now attracting older kids/adults every night means this is not a school age kids issue, but serious levels of ASB (as they feel safe and untouchable) as no police presence or deterrent from the council. I see a lot of talk on here about the barrier, that stops the skidding cars, but what about the drugs and booze around the hut? The paving all around the hut needs to go, as this provides perfect shelter. The entrance side needs a camera or a regular patrol, once an hour, not just a every now and then, in the early evening.

The volume of the youths has now led to some trespassing in gardens and in car ports to shelter from the rain and drink/deal drugs there. I appreciate trespass is a civil and not criminal matter but it all falls into ASB in my opinion.

I feel taking credit in printed literature is a far stretch from the reality and to state you have engaged with residents is certainly not true on Green Lane, this forum does not count unless everyone on this thread is a resident and I see no local activity from you or your party to resolve this.

What is the short term planning (time scales for this) and the long term plan. To tie it into a money spinning exercise based on residents parking schemes in surrounding roads, to appease hospital staff (as it makes no difference to how parking is today for residents) is not a good enough answer.

I have to agree Oliver that there's been a lot said but nothing done. I realise that you are still relatively new to the post but these issues were highlighted to William many years ago.

I have said on here a few times that I would be only to happy to meet with other residents (that you or Carol have spoken to)to try to outline the ASB issues and to offer my support in looking for ways to resolve them. But you have said that you are meeting residents on a one to one basis only at the moment. So perhaps now might be a good time to come round and ask residents again for their views or post some literature to see if we can all get together to sort the problems out.

I do feel that the whole area needs looking at, as there are so many knock on problems that effect negatively on this area, from ASDAs open fencing, that allows litter to just blow stright through onto nearby roads and passageways, causing unnecessary littering, to the observations made from slight return about the Lynx taxi drivers parked on the park and the drivers urinating, using the shed as a toilet.

In the instant of the taxis, it wasn't that long ago I outlined exactly the same issue but instead of the park they were waiting for fares in the ASDA car park, whilst leaving their car engines running pumping out car fumes, directly outside people's homes, and again using nearby entries as their toilets and litter bins..

So it would now appear that since nearly a year ago that all that has happened is that this particular ASB issue has just moved from one end of the road to the other.

And as for ASDA litter and fumes issues I have personally contacted the manager aand estates department at ASDA and outlined the issues, and asked if they could replace the open fencing with solid fencing, At the time they seemed keen to help reslove the problem but years later nothing still has been done to rectify the problem. And so it just continues fumes and litter.

So what with the fumes, empty lager cans thrown down our entries and into our gardens, we also have to put up with empty sandwich packages and carrier bags blowing down the road and ending up being caught up in the bushes and trees of the park. Ridiculous when you think that thelse issues could so easy be helped by simply replacing the open fencing with solid fencing.

I recently walked down the Fred Perry walkway that is adjacent to the asda car park and it was full of cigarette ends from where asda use blowers to blow their rubbish into the nearby passage and then say that it's nothing to do with them the litter. JUST NOT FAIR.

I know that the council are slow to act Oliver until they feel that they have all the information that they need, But all these issues are not new to this area and have been going on for years and years and years..