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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=OliverJohnstone]Hi Serenity - pretty tied to the permit parking issue for the time being.

All we can ask is that incidents get reported to the police where crimes have been committed. That way they can keep track of what resource needs to be allocated.[/QUOTE]

I'm a bit confused Oliver just recieved a leaflet that initially I thought was from the conservatives but it turned out to be from someone called Sue Carroll, who to be honest I've never heard of before.

She clearly stated in the leaflet that the barrier has already been approved and that she was also supporting the local residents of Mount Pleasant and Neville Street to implement resident parking. She did include you and Julian but after her name first.

She also asked for the public to contact her if there are any pot holes that neede reporting.

I can't help but feel that this leaflet is slightly miss leading as at first glance you'd think that she was already a councillor with all the things listed in the leaflet seemingly attributed to her. And asking the public to contact her about the pot holes seemed to further imply that she had some influence that an ordinary member of the public wouldn't have.

And as for support local residents about residents parkjng we've never even heard of her.

But back to the barrier what is actually going on Oliver.Has it been approved or not.

Oh and whilst in the leaflet it spoke about the resurfacing schedule to include London Road can i ask which part Oliver. And if we're talking about pot holes and resurfacing what about Bramhall Moor Lane that's a road that's long overdue and badly in need of resurfacing.