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Serenity posted..

QUOTE=HGrover][QUOTE=Serenity]This is a free public recreational ground car park meant for recreational purposes for local people and not for out of town commuters wanting to use it as an overflow car park for the hospital,be it payed or otherwise.
We're already having to pay the price to be able to park on the road where we live so what next, pay to use our recreational facilities.
Serenity - You make excellent points regarding the parking issues.

The challenges for parking locally are only going to worsen in time and this is simply down to growth, there is little that can be done, but we can be prepared and have sound strategic plans in place.

In an ideal world, the parking would remain free for everyone to enjoy the recreational facilities. Unfortunately, circumstances dictate otherwise.

Oliver is rightly trying to resolve the antisocial behaviour problems and his proposed solution is to only make the car park available at weekends when matches are being played. I was trying to offer a solution that would make the car park more accessible. Unfortunately, the days of free parking whether it be for leisure, retail or commercial use are pretty much gone now.

The hospital will no doubt continue to grow and the parking problems will probably become worse. At least if the car park did become pay and display the revenues would be into the council coffers.

HGrover yes the hospital has grown and is continuing to grow and that is where the real problem lies. The parking facilities within the hospital haven’t grown with it. This has been an ongoing problem for years and years, I think that the last time that the hospital visited the problem was when they expanding their parking facilities by adding another layer to the existing car park. That was probadly over 15 years ago if not more and unfortunately since then little has been done to try to resolve the ongoing parking problems. Perhaps the way forward would be to to turn the hospital car park into a multi storey car park, similar to the car park at the station.

But forgive me for feeling that what's really pushing the congested parking on isn't the residents only parking signs (we're just trying to park where we live)but the hospital not getting to grips with the problem and looking for ways to provide more parking spaces for their staff and patients within their grounds.

But if the Green Lane car park was to became a pay and display it would significantly increase the traffic flow (yet again) to the area, which has already significantly increased due to drivers constantly circling round looking for free available parking spaces whilst they work at or visit the hospital. Some drivers say they can't find anywhere to park at the hospital and some I'm sure just don't want to pay the car parking charges.

But whatever the reasons, all of these issues are not brought about by the local residents who only want to be able to park where they live. But have over years been made to pay the price to the point that now we're having to pay to park along the road where we live and just expected to put up with the extra traffic and all the pollution and noise that comes with it. Whilst the real source of the problem appears to be doing nothing.

So forgive me for not agreeing with you that the solution is to look to turn nearby recreational facilities into overflow car parks,which is really what your suggesting as one possible solution, be it paid or otherwise. Which in turn will put more stress on nearby road with further increases of traffic.

And yes your right that long term strategic plans are needed. But its the Hospital who should be looking at their long term plans and exploring possible solutions to improving their parking parking problems which have over the years become ours,