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HGrover posted..

[QUOTE=BlueGrover] A unbelievable post. The stench of NIMBY is coming from my screen.
Local football teams pay thousands of pounds every year to SMBC for the right to play on Green Lane, use the changing facilities and park there.
If your model is adopted where do you suggest these teams play and change? Do they get changed in cars? Do they go home full of mud and shower at home?
I don't believe for one second that you want football to continue at this venue. The footballers are not the cause of the ASB, it's a police issue.[/QUOTE]

Bluegrover – thank you for your comments.

I can assure you that you have me completely misjudged.

I have lived here, very close to the changing rooms for 30 years and have no desire to see them removed, I was simply offering an opinion on what could be done.

What is very interesting is your comment on how much is actually paid by the local football teams to SMBC. That really sheds a completely different light on the matter. Do you have any figures for what is paid to the council to use the facilities, I think that it is important for everyone to understand all sides of the debate.

I didn’t at any point infer that the footballers cause any antisocial behaviour and I do agree with you that it is a police issue, but SMBC do have to meet certain obligations, which is what Oliver is attempting to do, I think.

If, as you have alluded to, that the changing rooms are well used and generate revenue, then it is indeed wrong to consider removing them. As we continue the debate, I am sure that new information will surface and that will help to inform the eventual solution.

In closing, please be assured, I have nothing against football whatsoever and long may it continue on the playing fields at Green Lane.