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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=Jenny]So you can't give any specifics other than (paraphrasing) "The tories are for this, and all other parties are against it", and we are just to trust that?

Sorry, but I refuse to be one of those residents that just accept what politicians say on face value without asking them to back up their claims.

Sadly, politicians and the like have a reputation for being dishonest (note, I'm not saying that you're being dishonest), I'm just asking you to back up the statement that you have made, as it is a rather sweeping and general statement that appears on the surface to be political point scoring.[/QUOTE]

Why do see Oliver as a career politician Jenny. I see Oliver as a hard working councillor who's trying to do the best for the residents of Hazel Grove and Stockport.

He's the only councillor I've seen in a long time who takes the time to reply to all residents and constantly keeps you updated.

Now if we're taking about (non career politicains)councillors from the past mentioning no names but they both have the same surname then give me a career politician any day. But I definitely would say that Oliver is not one.