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Mozza posted..

[QUOTE=TwistedBanana]Hmm, interesting points about there being "lots of jobs out there"

Two years ago I found myself out of work, I had to go through the "job search" I had to use whatever resources I could to get a job. I ended up being out of work for six months. I heard comments that indicated that maybe I could have found work quicker, maybe I could have done something more menial while I was looking.

Let me give you all a few home truths about the "abundance" of jobs on the job market. I am going to mention a wage in this for the sake of clarity, it isn't my wage (I wish) but it helps me get my point over

1. I went through a 3 interview process with one company for a job that paid £80,000, my previous job had paid £90,000. I got down to the last few candidates, my credentials were far superior to the other candidates, I interview well. I didn't get the job because I was actually taking a pay cut, they thought I was using them as an interim measure, they employed a guy whose previous role had earned him £60,000 as they thought he would appreciate it. That interview process took 8 weeks

2. I missed out on a role because I was unemployed, they wanted to poach somebody, they felt that person would come to them because he wanted to work for them not because he was just looking for a job

3. I missed out on a role because I had missed out on two others and the employer thought he may have missed something that the other potential employers had picked up on.

4. I missed out on a role because I had been out of work for 5 months, the employer intimated that maybe there was an issue with my "want to work"

5. I missed out on a role because I was 46 (I know that employers cant legally do this but we all know they do). Once over 45 you are hitting the awkward age for employability

5. The jobsites are a feckin joke, they are riddled with jobs that don't actually exist, these are to make you apply and submit your CV. Once they have this, the agent can hopefully match you up to a role that suits somewhere down the line should one come along

Please please don't look at universal job match sites and think there are lots of jobs out there, the fact is there isn't, its a fallacy

If there is one industry that is in dire need of regulation it is employment agencies. These companies are generally nothing short of a disgrace, they employ massively on commission schemes, thus treating people as a "box shift"

Summary, there are not lots of jobs out there, there are lots of candidates for every job.

Employers love zero hour contracts as it allows them to be non-committal
These contracts are the biggest threat to this countries economy for 100 years, we are about to see the biggest brain drain in migrational history. We have a generation of youngsters who no matter how well they are educated will struggle to find relevant work, they will struggle to get on the property ladder, their parents are living longer so inheritance hits them at retirement age not as a middle age.

They have the option of taking on a zero hours contract, working with no protection, working with an unknown future, working without the security to plan, unable to get a mortgage as they have no stable income.

Am I coming at this bitterly? No, I eventually found gainful employment by going on my own and setting up a business, not ideal, not what I wanted to do but needs must and it keeps the wolf from the door. My eldest child is employed and excelling, so much so he is up for an award in a certain category of awards given out by the local council (I wont say what as he wouldn't want this on here). I am coming at this as somebody who has a social conscience and isn't blinded by the neo-liberal media.

I will be encouraging my off-spring to get the hell off this sinking ship and make themselves a decent life and a decent living elsewhere

So Serenity, for want of a better way of putting it, in this case you are talking through your bottom


Good post. The reality of those hundreds of jobs are not what they seem.