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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=Blue_Grovers_Henchman][QUOTE=cllrkevinhogg] They would prefer full time work but can't get it and if thfey could would gladly pay income tax, as said they do pay VAT and other hidden taxes.[/QUOTE]

You really do talk a lot of nonsense. Try looking on the universal job match web site - there are literally thousands of full time jobs advertised within a 10 mile radius of Stockport Town Centre.

I know its hard, but try sticking to the facts Kevin!


It's true Kevin there are lots of full time jobs out there, if people really wanted to work full time hours, but people make excuses, believe me Kevin I've heard the list. But yes you're right zero hours are not the way out of this mess. No one can plan for the future on a zero hour contract. They're only good for employers so that they can easily get rid of staff when they feel like it.

But I'm not particularly disgusted with the tories as the problems within the benefits system started a long time before they got in. Some people I think you'll never get off the dole because they've been born and bread on it. It's the only way of life that they now know. So these people do need a wake up call. But it's more to do with the culture that being fed from the top that's all wrong no matter who's in power. A culture that leads people to believe that it's ok to want to stay on the dole.

I'm not saying all as some people unfortunately have found themselves on the dole through bad employers exploiting the current job market and undervaluing their staff in lots of ways. I bet if you asked most people who are in work these days do you feel valued they would probably tell you that they didn't anymore. So unless you've been brought up with super strong work ethics that glues you to employment there's not really much reason for you to want to work when the state will keep you anyway. Don't get me wrong I've worked all my life from being 15, but I was lucky and there were lots local jobs paying reasonable wages.

Unfortunately though now most working people feel trapped and undervalued within their current jobs which only leads to feelings of frustration and low self esteem and anger. Especially when there having benefit cheats programs rammed down their throat everynight. These TV companies need to stop glorifying the benefits cheats by turning them into some kind negative role models, something to aspire too it would seem. It might be cheap TV to make but it can't do anything for those people who want to work and stay in work. What messages are these never-ending programs sending out - look this is where your hard earned taxes are going and look we're cheating the system as well.

But lets not just point the finger at those on the dole lets also put the blame on the employers as well because they need to start realising that valuing their staff will get more from them. We all know that money is important factor in a job but providing staff with a feeling of self worth is so much more important because without that and once people start to feel that their integrity is being bought instead of their skills then employees will head for the downward spiral of frustration, anger and resentment, and that just doesn't make for a happy productive staff member does it,only for one that will probably end up on the dole and so it goes on ...