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Goggins posted..

[QUOTE=Coleman]Not every single person pays tax, thats the point![/quote]Every single person pays tax. The fact that you don't realise this was very much my point.[QUOTE=Coleman]i have and continue to pay taxes for all these things[/QUOTE]If, as you say, you and your partner "do OK" then I doubt your contribution is more than a small fraction of the cost of the state benefits you use. The bulk of the burden of their cost is bourne by the very richest in society - and that's right - and the rest of us rely on them (or scrounge, sponge etc.) - and that's right - to fund the things that set mature societies apart from countries with no taxation, no infrastructure, no state. Far too many of us live in self-satisfied ignorance, believing that the small bit of income tax gives them rights to society that they would deny to others because they are paying for it, when really they are not.