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Sevenmilesout posted..

The CON Party sick joke.

There is no justification in gifting top earners a tax reduction and then punishing the poorest in the country. Especially as the accomplished liar, Porky Cameron expressly promised no cuts to WTC's. Having paid bundles of tax at top rates, in excess of the current percentage, I never begrudged the contribution I made to helping people worse off than me.

There is no justification for NOT pursuing tax evaders and avoiders with the same aggression and planned deliberation that is metered out to benefit claimants. Porky Cameron chose his cabinet and put the U.K's most disgusting excuse for a human being, Duncan-Smith in charge of the DWP. Another accomplished liar.

The main problem with the UK and in particular, the CON Party, is absolute greed, nothing else.

Yes, it was the last real UK government that saw the Global Banking Crisis in advance of any other country in 2008 and nationalised parts of the banking industry. God only knows what Gideon, the towel folder would have done in that instance. He can't even count, let alone level the national debt as he promised to do by 2015. And yes, it is Osborne that has sold it off cheaply too, in the main, to their buddies in the city. And yet, they managed to convince the electorate in May, with a lot of help from the right wing media monopoly that it was all the fault of the Labour Government. Why are people so easily led and accepting of such proven liars?

The CON Party mantra....."Profit before People"