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TwistedBanana posted..

If somebody is working and earns a wage that is deemed to be below what is livable therefore receives a top up from the government, who is actually on benefits? The employer is the one on benefits, they are the ones utilising the Working tax credits to their own end, to allow them to pay less. We have seen less and less even inflation related wage rises in recent years ,particularly in the private sector. We now have the most twisted cocked up tax system in the first world, we have a system which doesn't know its arse from its elbow, we have a system that needs a massive reform. Its not rocket science, we all have a tax code, the HMRC has full visibility of what of what we earn, so why do we have to spend millions on sending letters, manning call centres, advertising campaigns etc to chase up claimants for WFTC

The very same reason so many systems in this country are put in place, they are put in to route out the odd scrounger, the odd dad who spent his old Married Mans Allowance at the bar and not on his family.This was were these family tax credits came from, to replace some legacy tax benefits that in some cases maybe weren't being spent where they should have been.

We have a benefits system for the unemployed that treats the recently made unemployed like criminals (believe me, I had to bear the indignity of that a couple of years ago) because there are a small minority of scroungers and fiddlers. The cost of me at the time going in and signing on every couple of weeks could be negated for the first few months of unemployment, the cost savings would be huge, as the majority of people made unemployed are actually working again within a few months, and believe me this isn't due to support from the Job Centre+ it is through their own initiatives. I could give you a list of things that you wouldn't believe unless you saw it. I actually didn't want to sign on but needed to as this is what my own privately paid redundancy cover used as proof i wasn't working. Anyway I digress, what I am getting at is there is millions of pounds wasted as the systems are designed around the minority and not the majority, so the majority have to suffer

The day you go to a job centre and get told that if you attend an interview which means you will miss your sign on day,then you will possibly miss out on your benefits that week and will be hauled in front of a senior JC+ manager to explain yourself, as well as them contacting the interviewer to get them to prove you were going for an interview (how good does that look) is the day you realise how very fecked up our system is and how this country is run by idiots. That last statement is aimed at all parties, the middle management of this country is in disarray, constantly changing, constantly fire-fighting, never planning, never preparing