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Serenity posted..

Well I can probably work out why

However am I the only person in Hazel Grove that objects to ASDA wanting to extend their closing times from what was initially 8pm then somehow it jumped to 11pm and now the store wants to stay open until 12 o'clock each day.

Whilst this might be seen as good business practise by ASDA I don't see this move to up its closing times as showing any consideration for the needs of its neighbours. Would anyone reading this thread want neighbours who stayed up until 12 banging car doors and throwing there litter all over the place.

This is not a store that is set in some industrial complex but a store that is just a few feet away from family homes (virtually back to back). Homes where people are trying to get on with their day to day living. That have families that would like to go to bed at night and not be disturbed by car doors constantly being slammed shut, shopping trollies being squealed across concrete car park floors, taxi drivers leaving engines running (just a few feet away) whilst they sit and wait for late night shoppers fares. This is a store that is meant to behave like a good neighbour should with some care and consideration.

Somehow it seemed to pass me by how the stores closing times crept up from initially closing at 8pm (which it still shows on their opening times bill board) to suddenly closing at 11pm without any local consultation. Soon it will probably be a case of why don't we just let the store stay open all night long. It's just not fair. What are the council thinking of? How can they not be objecting to such plans when the store is right next door to rows and rows of homes. Why are the council not considering the needs of the residents first. Do they not think that we need to sleep as well?

Whilst I for one might be posting this thread for perhaps what could be seen as somewhat selfish reasons (reasonable behave at a reasonable time)and I'm sure that most of you reading this thread might not think that you'll be effected by the later opening times but somehow indirectly you will be if you live in the Grove - as we all know that longer opening hours all add up to more traffic more disruption. And lets face it there's no such thing a quite store.

So please if you do take the time to read this thread and you feel that you to would like to object please email William or Oliver to make your objections known. Objections need to be in by the 4th November.