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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=OliverJohnstone]I can tell you that as far as I am aware the Council (in terms of the Executive and the Council bureaucracy) are not looking at any other solutions to my knowledge.

I do have thoughts on non-bypass solutions to the problem but these are long term projects that I need to investigate more thoroughly. I am not sure I can really see a quick fix to the problem.


I feel a bit disappointed to read Oliver that the council seemed to have now abandoned the Grove and are not looking into any other ways to help reduce the problem of traffic (and the issues that result from it) in the Grove. But thank you for your honesty.

I know that there’s no quick fix solution. But even if a bypass was eventually agreed it would take years and years in the planning and building to ever have any real impact on the Grove. What are we meant to do until then Oliver with even more traffic set to hit the Grove?

I’m glad though that you’re trying to think outside the box Oliver and are looking into long term projects that might help. But I do feel that the council should be supporting you and at least come up with few more ideas other than just the one which talked about narrowing the pavement.

Why are the council being so terribly blinked and waiting until the Grove is completely gridlocked (both day and night) before they even acknowledge that there is a major problem. It’s really sad to think that it’s their bad planning decisions that have led the Grove to be in the state it’s in now and now. And that all they seem to want to do is to look the other way and ignore the problems that were left to live with.

Why is it that when I drive down the A6 I see plenty of new development work taking place in other areas that don’t even have major supermarkets/hospitals and businesses impacting on them everyday? All the Grove ever seems to get is promises - patch up jobs and placed at the bottom of the never-ending to do list.

I know that you’re really behind trying to improve the Grove Oliver and I wish you luck in your plight. I know that we desperately do need a bypass. But the traffic problems are set to get even worse in a very short time. So I ask you (and any councillor) how are we expected to cope until the bypass comes through in the year dot......