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Serenity posted..

Surely no councillor (apart from Kevin) could have really seen any benefit that building this road would have brought to the Grove. I'm not sure was it actually voted in by our councillors at the time?

I personally was never in favour of it and voted against it as I didn't think it would benefit anyone and wasn't worth the money and loss of green space just to make life a bit easier(for some) to get to the airport. Such a shame it went thru.

But if we can't chance that perhaps we can change making more bad decisions at local level (such as Sainsburys) - by not letting these stores dictate their own terms and conditions. Such as wanting longer opening hours - All of which is sure to bring more traffic - more pollution - more litter - more antisocial behaiviour. These stores have got what they want they have busy stores all day ever day so why the night time as well.

I don't envy your task being a councillor Oliver trying to please everyone all the time. But if we can't get a bypass till the year dot lets not look for ways to increase the traffic flow now by letting the stores stay open for longer.

These stores are one of the reasons why the Grove is so congested because of the need for more traffic lights to guide their customers in and out of their shops. Shop local - that's a laugh - most of shoppers using these stores aren't local there coming from the surrounding areas - clogging up the A6 to get here.

I know we can't make them disappear (as much as I would like). But this is where our councillors can and should be trying to make a difference at local level and all voting to say no to longer opening hours. .

I'm so glad to read that you (at least) voted against McDonalds staying open Oliver because it shows to me that you and others like you can clearly see the pitfalls to these stores staying open for longer. And that whilst it might be good for their business its not always good for the local residents. You might not win the fight Oliver but thanks for trying anyway.