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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=OliverJohnstone]The set of modelling I saw didn't appear to show much of a reduction if any. High Lane in particular will suffer to a greater extent but I did see some relatively significant increases in Hazel Grove.

This has been going on so long, I can barely remember the early stages of the consultation!

In fairness to William he was on the Council at the time but was not responsible for the high level decision making. He is a Conservative Councillor and was easily outvoted at the time by Liberal Democrats, even when he protested against the Option 1 crossroads at Macclesfield Road.

I agree with you it is going to be a big challenge, but what choice do we have except to fight tooth and nail to get this bypass completed to the M60?

Why waste your breath Oliver. They've not listened to William or Andrew Stunnel so far so why (with more government cutbacks planned ahead) should they listen and consider a full bypass now.

I know you feel its the bypass or nothing. But I think that perhaps it now time to start pushing for the council planners to come up with some other possible short term solutions (at least) to help with the traffic in the Grove. We've heard about the narrowing pavements plans but nothing been mentioned since. Why?

I really think that the only people this new road will benefit (in the Grove at least) are the local stores like ASDA and Sainsbury's who will benefit from the increase in night time traffic trade. Hence why I still feel ASDA are looking to stay open till 12 and then eventually push to stay open for 24 hours regardless of local residents objections.

Anyway Oliver there's been lots of excellent ideas put forward on the forum over the past year and it might not be a bad idea to have a look back at some of them. Because lets face it the council don't seem to have many of their own. Or at least ones that they've been willing to share with us.