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spectrum posted..

[QUOTE=OliverJohnstone]You've all pretty much hit the nail on the head here.

The decision to build the SEMMS road was taken before I was involved in politics properly and I would like to think I would approach this differently had I been given the opportunity.

However, it is happening whether we like it or not now. My focus as I know William's is too is doing everything we can to get the investment for the A6 to M60 section. Without this there is at best no benefit but in actual fact a severe detriment to Hazel Grove in having the SEMMS road built.

I was pleased to here that the Council are still protecting the proposed route for the A6 to M60 section but we have a significant challenge to secure the vital investment required.
[/QUOTE]The first phase of the consultation clearly showed a reduction in traffic in Hazel Grove which I believe is why most residents supported it.

What has changed and why are you now predicting "a severe detriment to Hazel Grove”.

Either something has changed or the traffic modelling figures were initially incorrect which wouldn't surprise me as the continually changed during the consultation process.

The road is going to have a “severe detrimental effect” on the lives of residents who live along the route, most believing there would be a benefit to Hazel Grove overall with the reduction in traffic.

I am aware that you were not directly involved, but William was, the road should never have been signed off if it was known that it would have a negative impact in Hazel grove.

I was told that the Airport road was easier to get funding for as three councils were supporting it and there was a major business case due to the expansion of the Airport and the Enterprise zone.

As Stockport would be the only council supporting the extension to Bredbury and I can’t think why there would be a business case, we could be waiting another thirty years for that.