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Norma_Stitts posted..

I certainly wouldn't say I struggle to live, I just HATE those that live hugely beyond a point that they should be at on benefits - it's supposed to be a struggle for them. It really annoys me that people who do go out to work through pride and find it a struggle, such as yourself (no disrespect intended, just picking up on your post!) fund these layabout wasters that know every trick in the book.

My phone died on Sunday, so I ordered another iPhone5, it was actually quite nice to not be hen-pecked for a few days and I certainly wouldn't 'need' a mobile and could happily live without one if i had to but sadly 'poverty' is viewed as not having what everyone else has. Life carried on fine long before mobiles, plasmas TV's, Sky, cars even central heating/double glazing etc. You cut your coat according to your cloth afterall. Time to take the cloth from the bums and give them a few pieces of yarn. LOL.

I drive an old car (19 years old, my other is 23/24 years old) through choice but I'm hypocritical enough to admit that I'm currently watching the 'Heroes' box set on a PS51D450 in the bedroom.

IMO Anyone on benefits should be banned from having a driving licence, Sky/cable TV, passport or mobile phone contracts. They are 'luxury' non-essential items. If they want those things, they should work. It should be a prerequisite for having them. They should also be paid in 'food stamps' with their photo on them. The stamps wouldn't allow alcohol or fags to be purchased. The barcode on them would let you bring up what they buy so when they claim various illnesses you could knock them back for their pizza/microwave chip diet. If they don't work they have ample time to cook healthy meals, it's inexcusable.

Vote wisely, i urge everyone to choose Norma_Stitts...