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Norma_Stitts posted..

Exactly SunflowerDee.

I sometimes wonder if I'm the dickhead in life and the spongers are the bright ones?

I go to work, graft, put my shift in and get paid very well for what I do. Mainly dealing with foreigners and chavs who have no social conscience or morals.

Best case scenario, I become seriously wadded. I get taxed to high heaven to support 'that type', I pay my way in everything in life, (No mortgage - outright) so I pop money away for a rainy day (only guaranteed by the Government upto £75k per bank account). If I die, they take inheritance tax. If I live I have to pay for care at an old age if my assets are over a certain figure which they are hugely over at the age of 32.

Flip side - I have no intention or desire to work, my housing and the majority of my council tax is paid for by the non-spongers (the idiots?), I have no social responsibility as i am paid to breed crap into the gene-pool whilst sensible people tailor their family to their finances/lifestyle/work commitments, I have a stress free life claiming I can't afford anything as I am on 'benefits' but can strangely afford a car, flat screen TV's, iPods, iPhones etc. I get old and don't have to sell anything as the state will continue to pay for me and put me in a nursing home!?!

It stinks. Vote Conservative. I'd be happy if the benefit system was scrapped. Jobs ARE out there, they just don't want to work. No workey, no money. Simples.

If you gave me the chance to push a button and wipe them all out, I would do in the blink of an eye. Put their pictures in front of me, make me watch them suffer etc. I wouldn't bat an eyelid. I'd be hitting that button more than a fruit machine addict. PMSL.