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Norma_Stitts posted..

[QUOTE=happy]And please before you all start ranting at me for my above comments I am not a racist I do not tar all dif religons with same brush I just do not like sick, animal attacks on another human being with a weapon and then they try and blame someone else because of "their" colour its all rubbish because they call us whites too....and yes there are violent whites out there too and I despise them too!!!!!! I hate all sick, violent attackers...and I dont like some of their remarks as a pound shop in stockport asked people to remove Poppies last yr as it "offended" them so Im sorry you tell me where that is right for them to do that and yet if we said remove that from your face "we" would be in the wrong!![/QUOTE]

It doesn't make you racist. I share the same views and as I have stated on many forums, the majority of Muslims aren't terrorists but the majority of terrorists are Muslims. It's something that must be ingrained due to their culture? I deal day to day with people in debt and the majority of my work revolves around the 'minority' of the country. I certainly do not think of myself as racist, I will make the odd risqué joke but I do not exclude ANYTHING from humour. I prefer to think of myself as 'religiously intolerant'. It's not just the Muslims, it's just that it is their 'moment' currently, just as the Christians, Catholics, Jews etc have been at the forefront in times gone by.

EDIT: People will no doubt talk about 'integration' which is all well and good but as you point out, it is fine to walk about in a ninja outfit as asking them to remove it may offend, but a townie in a hoodie cannot go into a shop? The principles behind it are simple - anti-crime, so that they can be recognised on CCTV etc. I could put a burqa on and rob a shop and nobody would be any the wiser.

However if I went to a country like Saudi and got drunk and decided to 'pot the pink' on the beach, I would be in serious trouble. You live by the laws of the country you are in, be it as a guest or a resident. If you don't like it then find somewhere else to holiday or live. It's not rocket science is it?

My employers gave me the 'opportunity' of working in India a few months back, I turned them down. Financially it really did stack up but they couldn't comprehend that I didn't want to live in a grot filled shit-hole for 3-6 months despite the offer of basically more than doubling my wage and all my expenses paid. That's not racist, I just do not want to live in a filthy, grime filled cess-pit surrounded by culture that is alien to me (I would have had a 24/7 driver FFS as they drive as if they are in dodgems!?!). Swimming pool or not. LOL.

A few years back I bought a burqa off eBay and went to a fancy dress party in it, wearing an old backback with some candles and an old alarm clock taped to the back of it. It went down a storm until it came time to get a taxi home... PMSL.

[QUOTE=Brian2013]I personally liken the situation to that of the introduction of the grey squirrel & the effect it had on the red squirrel. Now virtually extinct!![/QUOTE]


[QUOTE=happy]Baffled...were u calling me a "stuck up village idiot" and why?????[/QUOTE]

Don't worry, he/she is refering to me. I'm not too fussed, I posted facts not conjecture or speculation. That side of the A6 has the majority of the council houses, this side of the A6 doesn't and has Woodford and Bramhall as neighbours (far better areas).