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Norma_Stitts posted..

[QUOTE=glenandem]Yeah straight after the little chef heading to macc u got the turn in for the golf range, that field there you can look straight across and see it just near where I think the fire station used to be at the other side of the runway, I can't believe it's not been used as a private airport or for freight maybe bring so close to mcr airport and all the local richies who can afford private air transport, Somone told me it had its own pipeline for fuel to mcr airport but not sure if that's true or not!
The biggest shame is they should have done one last airshow before they completely shut the place, probably would have rained though like always!!
Just anouther British instruction going to disapear while we import things from other countries, the British people are supposedly some of the most clever people around at designing and making things, so why didn't the gov save the place and actually make things we needed ourselves, it's like France you go over there and the roads are full of French cars or USA and generally American made cars, I know ours became crap but why was it allowed to get like that!!
Anyway rant over there, there's no saving this country as long as we're the muppets in the eu![/QUOTE]


You need staff for a runway, including firemen etc.

There was an AVGAS pump on the far side of the site, near paintshops, the part nearest Adlington.

As for the whole Government thing, it's not their responsibility. BAE is a £12.35 billion pound company based on the closing price today. Woodford was a joke. I worked there. It was a culture of 1 person working whilst 10 stood and watched.

On the car thing, that's another point I am less than popular on. For some reason people who own Rovers (formerly owned by BAE) seem to feel hard done by that they were not bailed out by the Government when they were selling crap outdated products, the 'phoenix 4' were out of their depth. They had no products that were in development stage. They were losing money hand over fist.

[QUOTE=ComfortablyNumb]Yes indeed norma, we may even have stood next to each other, I remember it well seeing the antonov land with the first nimrod fuselage, If I recall, the original contract to refirb the nimrods was snatched back , this is why the fuse was flown in because it had already been stripped down. I was employed at woodford for 15 years, how long was there there for norma,? also if vulcanman wishes to get in touch, I can give him the latest info on the vulcan (603) that was moved recently.[/QUOTE]

I just did my HNC under my apprenticeship then moved onto pastures new, that was circa 2000/2001? Worst thing I ever did was joining that joke of a company.

[QUOTE=glenandem]Do u know if its possible to get a close up viewing of the Vulcan?
Would love to see that thing real close, such an amazing plane!
Even now it still looks modern to me and hard to believe it has been around since the 60s, bet people thought it was a UFO back then lol when it first went up, I've heard the story of it wrecking the glass at woodford too![/QUOTE]

I still have my security pass, I should give it a try for shits and giggles. LMAO

[QUOTE=sunflowerdee]Hope you had your knickers on Norma when you shimmied up the ladder. Or did you go commando, wit woo. My dad worked at woodford, Oh I wish he was still alive to tell me about the planes at woodford. I am definately an aircraft freak. I literally cried when Woodford airshows stopped. It is a bad loss to the stockport community, such a popular event.[/QUOTE]

I only used to wear my boxers and socks under my overalls. Personally, I couldn't care about airplanes, they bore me. Cars is where it is at...