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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=cllrkevinhogg]If you go back far enough the grove was busy with trams and horse and carts. Back then deep in the mists of time well50 years ago anyway. People shopped on a daily basis for fresh food then came the fridge!. Result food can be bought in bulk result larger stores/supermarkets. Along came the freezer! result frozen food on tap again larger supermarkets. Then everyone got cars, Result long walking distances became a couple of minutes so Hypermarkets and out of town shopping, Trafford Centre, Handforth Dean etc. So progress or modern living will cause the next move, massive wharehouses and smaller or few shops as tinternet takes over. Bought anything on line recently or maybe bid TV etc. The days of the high St are numbered I am afraid I will be sorry to see it go[/QUOTE]

It’s a difficult one Kevin. I suppose it’s down to what you mean by the high street. Look at the Grove’s high street. It’s still got amenities that we all want and need, such as Banks, Estate agents, Hair dresses, cobblers, cafes, but to name just a few.

I think that yes obviously the shops that continue to sell things that you can buy cheaper online or from a supermarket might eventually fizzle out. As unfortunately we’re all becoming a nation of lazy shoppers who like our shopping to be done all under one roof. But you could add that are stores such as ASDA and Sainsbury’s not now seen as part of our high street shopping experience?

I still feel however that’s there will always be a need for the smaller high street shops as long as they are able to adapt to what people need. I know that it’s a shame to lose what we remembered as a local high street (butchers, bakers, greengrocers etc). But I for one can remember grocery shopping in the Grove with my Mum and I hated it. Having to trek from shop to shop in the cold winter months, the long queues and then finally having to carrying heavy bags home on the bus. In that respect supermarket shopping is so much easier and convenient. The only thing I that I see radically wrong with it is that it is not exactly environmental friendly to the world or our local community (look at the recent Findus scandal). We should be looking for ways to source locally and from Britain. And that is what I would like to see changed and to become a thing of the past not the high street.

However in the future I do still see a need for a high street.Albeit in a different guise.