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Norma_Stitts posted..

[QUOTE=Serenity][QUOTE=cllrkevinhogg]Serenity it isn`t as simple as you make out ring me at home 456 4936 and I will attempt to explain it in detail.
The Council is bound by PPG`s (planning policy guidlines) which means it cannot block things that the Government wants to happen, ie plans good for business but not so good for the community.
There are so many rules to follow it gives little or no chance of refusal but presumes Granting an application.[/QUOTE]

Why then if there is no room for refusal has ASDA been blocked from building a store in Marple.

The reasons that the Marple residents are citing are:-
The adverse affect this proposed development would have on the vitality and viability of Marple District Centre.
The adverse affect this proposed development would have on the local community.
The substantial increase in traffic would be too much for the road infrastructure in Marple

All these factors surely must have applied to Sainsbury's when their plans were first proposed. But for whatever reason the plans were still passed and the store was built. If these rules applied for the Grove then why not now for Marple?

Plus I'm still not sure how Marple can include the Grove within there auguement. How do they know that it will badly effect the Grove as well. How on earth have they determined this piece of jibberish piece of information.

I think that the opposite would apply and that it would be a good thing for the Grove, by taking traffic away.

I still think that a big potion of the problem is slobbery and a NIMBY Marple culture. Perhaps if it was a Harrods opening they'd welcome the venture.

I suppose the 'argument' would be that Sainsburys comes off a 4 lane road, whilst Asda in Marple would be coming off a 2 lane road. It's a load of rubbish in my eyes as there is a stonking great big college car park with cars coming and going throughout the day already.

The 'harmful to Hazel Grove' point would probably be that fewer people may use the Hazel Grove ASDA by virtue of changing capture boundaries or the like but if ASDA themselves aren't bothered by the loss of trade in Hazel Grove, why should Marple care?

It probably is slobbery, lazy beggars can't be bothered to walk 2 minutes from the centre but no doubt a lot of snobbery too... giggle