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Serenity posted..

[QUOTE=Norma_Stitts][QUOTE=Serenity]A store Sainsbury's size was not needed. What were the planners thinking of. Yes they had the space to build such a store but surely they must have been aware that the A6 could not take the extra pressure and still funtion safely. They already had a congested main road but were given the permission to add to it further. Makes no sense to the word planning what so ever.[/QUOTE]

I believe a store of that size was needed, it's popularity alone is proof of that.

It's worth noting that many people are brand loyal so without that store the nearest Sainsburys stores are in Stockport centre and Macclesfield so from a pollution viewpoint, I travel a far shorter distance than I otherwise would do. I wouldn't shop in Asda if they were giving the stuff away for free.

Another point of note is that Sainsburys store was it's flagship store at the time of it's opening and had a lot of innovative things at the time (type 'Sainsburys Hazel Grove' into YouTube), big business doesn't spend money without reason and solid research.

I travel on the A6 each day and I genuinely do not view those lights as a particular concern. You can only plan things so far, most people are happier to sit in a car in traffic than they are to share a bus with strangers which is still stuck in the same traffic.

The workforce is gradually changing, 9-5 is becoming the exception rather than the norm, as a result traffic changes accordingly so I see things improving with time, especially when the link road is built![/QUOTE]

I still don't think a store of that size was needed. I think the area would have been better suited for smaller Tesco quick shop, such as the one in Cheadle. Sainsbury's might be popular but I don't think that the Grove copes with all the extra traffic this store creates. But that's just my opinion.

I agree Norma that people like brand shopping. Perhaps if they had proposed a Sainsbury's or a Tesco Marple might have been more in favour of welcoming the venture. I did start a thread not so long ago asking was Marple to posh for an ASDA, perhaps I've got my answer since it doesn't look like an ASDA store(at least) is going to go ahead.

However the problem here is just poor planning in the first place or the approval of poor planning ideas. I'm still feel sure that on the original plans for Sainsbury's that the entrance didn't come out onto the main road. I could be wrong through. But you've got to remember that at the time we didn't have all the traffic lights that ASDA has since brought with it.

I'm not sure how any planner could honesty have thought that a network of traffic lights would not cause slow moving traffic and greater levels of pollution. They didn't need a crystal ball to see into the future to tell them that. If the Marple planners are aware of the potential problems now why was not the Groves planners not aware of it back then? The lights and junctions that they have put in place to resolve one problem have just created a more potential life threatening problem, more pollution. If not from the road then from the busier and larger car parks. It's ok speculating on future trends Norma but the Grove needs action taking now, especially in view of these high figures.

I'm sure as Coleman has said there must be some small measures that can be put into place now to assist the area in reducing these figures. I also agree with Coleman that they need to look at changing the timing of the traffic lights as one possible quick fix solution and possibly getting rid of those traffic lights outside the cobblers. Or having a crossing without lights, as the traffic mostly at a standstill at that point anyway.

However on saying all of this I do feel that the solution is definitely not to wave the flag and say that the Grove is a lesson in poor planning to be learnt from (I for one found that quite patronising and deflating). Instead why can't the same councillor who was quick enough back then to think that all these planning proposals where a great idea for the Grove just hold up his hands and say yes a mistake was made let’s now look at possible ways of putting that mistake right.