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BlueGrover posted..

[QUOTE=TwistedBanana]This post started off with Bluegrover questioning whether 44 years of hurt are about to end. Time will tell and if it is, i for one will be the first to congratulate City on their title. I have given plenty of Blues stick over the years and I am big enough to take it back. In fact i have given BlueGrover stick over the years so I KNOW i am going to have to take it back ( a little suprised though as only a few weeks ago on Facebook he mentioned that "its now cricket season", football seemed to have slipped his mind ;))

As for the County fans, I too went to EP on a Friday night, i sang with the County fans and always looked out for their results. However, as i got older i witnessed the hatred towards the red and blue corners, it seemed to evolve as friday night football went and only the County Diehards stayed onboard. If the County fans want to have a go at anyone then maybe it should be the FA and Sky as that is when the lower divsion teams started to suffer - Friday night football was great for County attendances during some pretty torrid times for the club - the seventies and eighties saw them re-elected a number of times i recall. Live televised football didn't help you guys.
For the record, I am red, i have lived in the Grove since the early seventies, i was however born in Manchester as were my parents and their parents before them. I shouldnt have to keep apologising and explaining this to every County fan i meet!!! - i will support who i bloody want. My sons were both born in the grove, they are reds, should they be automatically Stockport fans or is there something wrong in following the club that their dad, granddad and great grandads support or supported just because we have moved 8 miles up the A6

As for the money argument - its totally irrelevant, yes City have spent millions, as did Chelsea before them. United did although under slightly different circumstances but during the period leading up to Chelseas cash influx United did have more spending power than the rest and of course that contributed to winning the league so many times. The difference was the odd big signing each season as opposed to many in two season - whats the difference? not much in my book. Good luck Utd this weekend and if it aint to be then well done City, over 38 games whoever finishes top deserves the plaudits[/QUOTE]Well TB, given the wet way the cricket season has started, the poor displays by LCCC and the fact my box new boots have yet to see the light of day, it's a good job football is still here!
ps roll on the Euro's!