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BlueGrover posted..

[QUOTE=Coleman][QUOTE=sundave]Tosh Tosh and more Tosh, SAF soon found wages for Wooney when he had his dicky fit and while we're on the subject of money and foreign owners, last i heard The Good Ole USA isn't British anymore. To top it off, when United floated on the Stock Exchange in the early nineties most of the "investors" were foreign and the club got a massive injection of cash which they duly spent on players.

All footie fans are fickle, including us and we all winge and moan about other clubs fortunes, but don't deny that you haven't bought your way to the top at some point because you have.[/QUOTE]

Rooney, pretty much held us to ransom, and got away with it too, don't really blame him, but he is our highest paid play by a long shot and i'd bet still paid less then some of the lesser players city have, the majority of which only signed with city for the wage packet!

As for our foreign owners, it may have escaped your attention but the majority of United fans don't like the Glazers and would gladly see the back of them, add to that the fact our owners are actually taking money out of the club and it's not a relevant comparison.

And making money from floating on the stock exchange is nothing like getting money pumped in! Any stock exchange flotation is going to generate cash based on the clubs successes and is basically just releasing capital from the company! IF the club isn't/hasn't been successful then a stock sell off won't generate much cash.

It's like i said though, i don't know any city fans who didn't have a problem with Chelsea doing the same thing they now are! Now it's them doing it..... Hypocrites i think the word is!

Also got to say on the subject of glory hunting, i have noticed a large increase in City shirts being worn around Stockport and more and more people professing to being City fans! Now that either means that previously people didn't want to admit to supporting them or they have mysteriously gained a large number of new fans since they won the arab owner lottery! Neither of which shows this loyalty most City fans claim is common to them!

One final thing, has any one considered how we will get rid of that Gallagher idiot again, if he does indeed move back to Manchester if city win?

I hope someone has a plan for that![/QUOTE]The Gallagher boys V Terry Christian, Eamonn Holmes or Mick Hucknall? You would'nt have them round for tea would you?