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Limecat posted..

[QUOTE=Coleman][QUOTE=Limecat]Another Chelsea?

Why do people keep coming out with this statement? It's crazy. Chelsea were a competitive and successful side in the time before Abromovich came along.[/QUOTE]

That's debatable! Prior to 2005 the last time they had won the league was the 50's. Inbetween they had the odd league cup or fa cup but certainly no success worth getting all excited about! [/QUOTE]

Abramovich took over Chelsea in 2003. The last honours they had won were the FA Cup and the Charity Shield in 2000, just 3 years previously.

Sheik Whatshisname took over City in 2008. The last honour they won was the League Cup (which has a smaller pool of entrants than the FA Cup) in 1976, some 32 years earlier.

Or to put it another way, between 1997 (6 years before Roman) and 2000 (3 years before Roman) Chelsea won 2 FA Cups, League Cup, Charity Shield, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, UEFA Super Cup.

In the 6 years before Sheik Whatshisname arrived City had won...NOTHING. Infact, they had won NOTHING for 32 years.

In a 3 year period Chelsea picked up 6 trophies. In a 32 year period City picked up NONE. Almost 11 times longer in terms of time and they couldn't ever achieve 1/6th of the success in that time.

So, yeah I stand by the fact that Chelsea were already a successful team and therefore City fans painting a notion that they are simply doing what Chelsea did is blatantly incorrect. Mind you, City fans are both thick and fickle as can be shown by the Tevez saga.