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Coleman posted..

[QUOTE=Robot69]You seem to be obsessed about Adidas and conspiracy theories and a downer on the Olympics where your lack of knowledge is showing you up.[/QUOTE]

The first time Adidas was mention the poster implied that the touch was coming here because of Adidas and their huge presence on the estate! Only, they don't have a huge presence here any more! Granted they still have the HQ offices here, which we were told when doing work on the new(ish) site was also moving (obviously they changed their mind!

Then someone comes along and tries to claim that the warehouse is still full and that 600 people work on site! I can see in part of the warehouse and although i admit i can't see that its totally empty, i can see that its at least partly empty. Also there is no way on this planet that 600 people work there, there simply is not that many people coming and going!

[QUOTE=Robot69]why would there be articulated lorries going in if it is just a HQ and the warehousing has clearly be moved - unless the lorry driver forgot.[/QUOTE]

That's the point there isn't lorrys coming and going, because there are no goods stored in the warehouse any more! It's empty except for this mysterious crossfit box that is supposedly held there 4 times a day!
Incidentally a Google search seems to indicate that it is either a brand of clothing or some fitness programme in america! I assume in this case they are referring to some fitness classes they hold there! Maybe that accounts for the occasional party i can hear going on in the old loading bays!

[QUOTE=Robot69]On to the Olympics; 'handful of medals', yes, Sir Chris Hoy got a handful of medals on his own and the rest of the GB team got a hell of a lot more. The GB team is expected to get even more - that's the target - so time will tell. [/QUOTE]

In the last 5 olympic games we only managed:-

1992 Barcelona 20 Medals   Rank: 13
1996 Atlanta   15 Medals   Rank: 36
2000 Sydney    28 Medals   Rank: 10
2004 Athens    30 Medals   Rank: 10
2008 Beijing   47 Medals   Rank: 4

I'll admit we have been improving in recent games but we are hardly top end competitors at the Olympics! I would be surprised if we even manage to close to the haul form Beijing!
Even if we won all the medals though, it doesn't change the fact it's a huge waste of money! Spending billions of pounds so a few people can run around and jump up and down, etc. is not a sensible investment when money is in abundant supply, it's plain stupid and wasteful when like now it's not!