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Coleman posted..

[QUOTE=Drifter]FYI. Adidas Market North is based on Pepper Road,with over 250 employees working there. The warehouse relocated to Trafford Park but Head Office is still based on Pepper Road. It is NOT just admin, it is HQ for the UK. The White Box is not empty, The Reebok CrossFit Box is based there plus showrooms. Being an adidas employee just wanted to correct people who didn't have the right facts.

I can't wait for the Olympic Torch to come to Pepper Road, it will be a great event that is also great for the area! Not a waste of money as some people wrongly think![/QUOTE]

Ok, can try and get this clear and move on!

Adidas is still present on the estate, but in a much smaller capacity they they were!

The warehouse still houses something (what the hell is a Reebok CrossFit Box) but is far far from full (i'm looking through the windows to the adjoining part of the warehouse and there is nothing behind them!).

The thing is that although Adidas still has it HQ here (used to be the HQ for all of the uk and not just north) there are no Articulated lorrys coming and going, there is a fraction of the amount of cars there used to be coming and going, there haven't been any sports star sightings for quite some time (used to be loads) although that's not to say they don't still visit and almost all of the extra units on the estate that were once Adidas are now either empty or sold/let!

Getting back to the topic though, I am still surprised that they are bringing the touch here (even if Adidas HQ is till here), i can only assume that Adidas has arranged some publicity or something associated with it!

I have to admit to being curious enough to come and see it, but it is a waste of time and money (the whole Olympics that is, not just the relay). You can grantee that the country will never recoup the costs (they never do) and i can think of a hell of a lot of better things to spend the money on, especially with the economy the way it is.
Add to that the fact that GB only ever win a small hand full of medals!