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Coleman posted..

[QUOTE=Robot69]Some banging on about cyclists almost always breaking the highway code and going through red traffic lights - clearly a motorist would never do that or we'd have Red light cameras at traffic lights - Oh sorry there are a number even in the Grove.[/QUOTE]

I'm pretty sure there isn't! Red light offences are not too common an occurrence for cars! Cyclists however do seem to think the lights don't apply to them.

[QUOTE=Robot69]And as for a Councillor promoting the idea of shooting cyclists perhaps he and the rest of the half wits should plan better cycling lanes that are safe and worth using.[/QUOTE]

I'm pretty sure Kevin wasn't seriously suggesting that he would shoot cyclists, although i'm sure he has been tempted to in the past, I think we all have at some point.

Cycle lanes, i actually quite like in principle. Problem is very few roads have space for them and often cyclists seem to get confused by them and for some reason can't seem to stay in them.

[QUOTE=Robot69]Most cyclists are also motorists so are suitably trained in the ways of the road.[/QUOTE]

I don't recall that part of my test, the bit where you get out of the car and on a bike then ride through traffic.
You would think i would remember something like learning a completely different type of discipline and skill set.

[QUOTE=Robot69]even car drivers that don’t need to pay Vehicle Excise Duty due to the fact of their minimal pollution records i.e some Ford Fiestas, Seat Ibiza, Toyota iQ’s and VW Polo’s – just like bicycles![/QUOTE]

VED is one thing, but they all have insurance and a licence don't they! They all have had training on how to use the vehicle and have been tested on the specific task of using the vehicle. Well all but the cyclists!