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Robot69 posted..

[QUOTE=seymourbutts]When cyclists start paying road tax, I will start listening to their bleating.[/QUOTE]
Plenty of ignorant twIts (can replace I for A) on here. Quite happy to be cocooned in there metal box and contributing to the pollution and draining the worlds resources to even consider other peoples modes of transports. Bit Like Not In My Back Yard or Not on My Piece of Tarmac as I pay a few quid I own it.

Some banging on about cyclists almost always breaking the highway code and going through red traffic lights - clearly a motorist would never do that or we'd have Red light cameras at traffic lights - Oh sorry there are a number even in the Grove. Clearly the consequences of a car over a bike are horrific. And no motorist speeds do they!! Oh, and the post starts about an article of a motorist driving on the pavement clearly a more serious issue than a bike riding on the pavement given the differential of the weight, mass and potential speed.

And as for a Councillor promoting the idea of shooting cyclists perhaps he and the rest of the half wits should plan better cycling lanes that are safe and worth using.

Most cyclists are also motorists so are suitably trained in the ways of the road.

When some know what they are talking about then people may listen to them but clearly their heads are stuck up there own butts – hey seymour.

For the record, I am a motorist and I only rarely ride my bike but I give consideration to other road users whether they be trucks, cars, motor bikes, cyclists or pedestrians crossing the road and even car drivers that don’t need to pay Vehicle Excise Duty due to the fact of their minimal pollution records i.e some Ford Fiestas, Seat Ibiza, Toyota iQ’s and VW Polo’s – just like bicycles!