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Drifter posted..

[QUOTE=Coleman]But I will say that I doubt it will change my view of cyclists. You see I've formed my opinion of cyclists based on 12 years of driving.[/quote]

50 years of driving here and I wouldn't alter my views already expressed on here, and its been no different in the last 35 years as far as I can remember, since the motor car became generally available to all and cycling more common during work commutes. A lot don't have rear view mirrors so don't know you are there.

[QUOTE=Coleman]In those years I've rarely seen them ever follow the rules of the road, I have however seen them cause several accidents, .[/quote]

Had two on two separate crossing with lights just carry on as though the red light was green, not even looking. (Plus a horse & buggy ignored a red light.) And that is just in last 2 days.

Lack of Traffic Cops around and enforcement.

[QUOTE=Coleman]I have also seen them run red lights hundreds of time as I have seen them ride 2 or more abreast! .[/quote]

2 abreast is permitted, single file if narrow road or main road (ie. A6 Torkington Road/Buxton Rd/Macc Rd.)

[QUOTE=Coleman]Plus even if they weren't a nuisance they should still have insurance and training, as road users with the potential to cause injures and/or damage they have a responsibility to cover any damages![/QUOTE]
Totally agree. 100%. Might make them think then before doing the stupid things they do without warning.
And its even more needed given the speeds they are travelling at as said. Pushing 30mph is not slow so injuryies will happen.